Sound of Silence

Posted on: July 1st, 2013 by MichaelChiniquy

Sound of Silence is at its heart, a psychological horror game that aims to deliver an intensely frightening experience by remembering the players actions and altering the flow of the game accordingly. I intend to accomplish this by exposing the player to his/her deepest fears using a system that treats rooms as interchangeable components that can be swapped with each other to suit the player as much as possible.

At the moment, the game is still under development. If you wish to stay updated on Pathfinder Games progress with the game, visit us at the official Facebook page.

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  1. Abbix says:

    Interesting and rather complicated concept. To make such “learning” engine might be a pain.
    I’m looking foward for it, if you manage to make it just as you want it’ll be able to become one of the scariest games.
    I don’t know if it’ll work for this kind of game, but you could make some sort of “open beta” much like Klei Entertainment had done with “Don’t Starve”: with the feedback of the beta players they managed to improve and perfect the game before it’s full release.

  2. Jaaabrocon says:

    If I might make a suggestion, perhaps the scariest game I’ve ever played so far is Cry of Fear. I would very much suggest that you play it, I’m sure it would be as entertaining as it would be inspirational. Coincidentally, the game actually takes place in Sweden and is made by a Swedish author.

    But, getting to my point. Perhaps one of the scariest moments of that game for me was not, in fact, something intended to scare the player per se. It was after a train crash that you had to escape. Climbing out of the wreckage of that Train, your character says “My bag!” and your stomach drops. Throughout the game, you have only been able to carry 6 items maximum, and after the traincrash, you are only able to carry 3. But that isn’t the worst part.

    You have lost all of your items.

    I don’t mean to come here and talk up another horror game, but I did want to impart to you how great of an idea that loss of items was. It may be that it was just a personal fear, but losing everything I had painstakingly acquired throughout the game was not only horrifying in and of itself, it left me feeling alone, and terrifyingly helpless.

    Also, as the previous commenter mentioned, an open beta would be fantastic. Needless to say, words cannot describe how excited I am for your game to be released. The concept is chillingly brilliant, and the sheer replayability of a feat such as a game that adapts itself to your fears sounds amazing. Good luck on it’s design, we all can’t wait to play it!

  3. amy says:

    I read a post on tumblr somewhere that mentioned something about wanting a game that used a mic. The way they said it could work is that if you’re hiding from something and you make a loud noise or are breathing heavily whatever is hunting you down could locate you more easily. So to go along with the game learning what you don’t like, I had the idea that the game could listen in for things like gasps and “oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit nope nope nope” to get an even better sense of what is moderately scary and what is absolutely terrifying. Anyway, good luck, i hope this game gets produced because I would LOVE to play it.

  4. Critters says:

    I think an interesting concept to explore would to use a facial tracking system via webcam if you wanted. Have someone display their “idle” face to the camera, the kind they have when they’re thinking or doing nothing in particular, and have the game track the movement of the eyes or how your face reacts, like if the image of the face becomes smaller for the webcam, the game could take that as you jumping in fear as an acute response to fear and thus modify itself for that. Or look at your facial features move from their idle state in respond to certain stimuli within the game. Anyways, I hope this thing comes out and even if it doesn’t have all the features, I would love to play it. Good luck!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I would just like to say that I saw the little preview video for this game, and I think it is a wonderful and terrifying idea! I really hope you’re able to make this idea work, because even the short clip I saw gave me goosebumps! Maybe that’s just because I’m afraid of the dark, though… Anyway, really looking forward to this!

  6. emily says:

    my friends and i love finding new horror games. the whole microphone idea amy talked about would be great because we scream and comment and fall silent when were hiding and curse and haaving the game react to that would be terrifying. please have a n open beta once you get it going we would love to try it and tell you what we think

  7. Sam says:

    Is this game still being developed? It said an early demo would be released in early 2014, but it’s nearing the end of 2014, and the latest post I saw from one of the creators was February 2, 2014. This game has a great and original idea that I know lots of people would like to see, especially popular youtubers. I’m just saying…

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