Everybody Edits!

Posted on: September 27th, 2011 by MichaelChiniquy

Everybody Edits is an online multiplayer flash game where every player can make their own 2D platform levels! It’s created and maintained by Chris Benjaminsen and averages several thousand unique players every day. If you’ve ever dreamed to make your own Mario style levels, this is the game for you.

Upon creating a blank level, you are given a variety of tools and blocks to use at your disposal. While most of these blocks are solid and decorative, there are also functional ones such as key blocks, coin doors, gravity arrows, etc. All of which give the players limitless potential to create high quality levels.

The player is represented by a smiley of their own choice that reflects their mood. All the basic emotions are there, such as sad, happy, angry, winking… But there are also more elaborate smilies that don’t neccesarily reflect ones mood, but ones personality such as the Builder, Ninja, Commando, Devil, Wizard and many more!

Creator/Lead programmer: Chris Benjaminsen
Programmer/Designer: Peter Boné
Lead designer/Promotion: Michael Chiniquy


15 Responses

  1. kingpooultra says:

    My fav. game ^-^

  2. SupaCat21 says:

    I play on kongregate and believe my i have been adicted since i started. I have been plating before spawn points and locked worlds. I loove EE!

  3. MrBoogAwesome says:

    Everybody Edits is, yes, a great game! Go play it all who are reading this and have not done so already. Love your graphics rpg! 😉

  4. Cat says:

    Noo!! D: It used to be so great… RPGMaster2000 why did you abandon us!!! MrShoe ruined the game with too many irrelevant updates :-(

  5. KRAZYMAN50 says:

    Please come back, RPG! The game was ruined by MrsHoe! D:

    • I’m so sad to hear that the community feels that way about MrShoe, I really am. Unfortunately, I would not be able to make the time for Everybody Edits these days no matter how much I would want to due to other projects that I’m currently working. I still stealthily visit the game and forums from time to time though, make what you will of that.

    • UltraBass says:

      I don’t blame MrShoe for any bad updates, I mean, he does a pretty good work, if you don’t like his updates, don’t blame him. He tries to make the game huge and popular.

    • Logo (iabcboyi) says:

      Well, making paid features dominant over the game. Yeah. You know what’s after that? Instant death for EE. I have experienced 2 games with the same fate, just because of a p2p feature. Both Mark (Block Miner) and MrShoe turned games into a market, a money-creating tool. This is what I feel angry about MrShoe.

    • I wasn’t there when mrshoe “ruined” (did he?) EE as I was away at the time. Anyway do you wish for me to help develop new ideas for EE? I am not that wanted at the moment. PLease could you respond and tell me?

      Playing EE since 2011 till now.

  6. ThreeWheelDrive says:

    I am a player from Everybody Edits, and I’m here talking a little bit about what is happening. So far, a lot of pros in the game have quit, most of friends have, too. The game is not as fun as it once was when owned by Chris, I do hope you can re-administrate it, Michael (RPGmaster2000) and the others who ran the game, because the game has gone into the Dark Age of its lifetime; there are a bit of hackers, a lot of people who “troll” others’ worlds, and so on. So, in other words, the game has become a disaster, please come back, before the game dies out with few to no players. I am on the slim chance of staying, I am very close to quitting; I have been playing other games – Global Agenda for example of a game I play these days – rather than Everybody Edits, because of what is happening; I truly do hope, Michael, that you and the rest of the former administrators of Everybody Edits.

    Sincerely: ThreeWheelDrive (played Everybody Edits from 2010 to now)

  7. Felix says:

    Come back, please!!

  8. Flair says:

    RPG.. D: I wish you didnt abandon this game… it coulda been somethin awesome… but it died… X-X WAAAAAAAAAAAA

  9. Benjaminsen says:

    Leave him alone, he made his decision.


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